Tyker Construction introduces a new product: the Road Profiler


January 15, 2015

Tyker Construction introduces a new product: the Road Profiler

The Road Profiler is a onboard computer that calculates the milling depth in real-time to control an asphalt milling machine. With the Road Profiler,  staking out numbers indicating the layer thickness to be milled is something of former times. The user can easily load a drawing into the Road Profiler and  the numbers to be milled appear on the screen of the Road Profiler. By visualizing the milling machine with the depth to be milled next to the milling roll and the next depth to be milled, the new profile can be milled with very high accuracy. With the Road Profiler you no longer have problems with unreadable or incorrectly positioned milling depths. The Road Profiler determines the position of the machine with RTK-DGPS. Because the depths are calculated on the basis of the position and the size of the milling machine, you have the exact depth setting available at every location inside your work area.

The advantages:

  • It is no longer necessary to set out milling numbers: saving on labour cost
  • The milling can start immediately:  the duration of lane closures for the project can become shorter
  • Always the right milling depth known next to the milling roll by the input of 3D-models and RTK GPS
  • Easy to operate
  • Online insight into production and progress through a clear management interface
  • Universal system: can be used on every brand / type of milling machine



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