Tyker automates road construction with robotics, localisation and control

Autonomous (pre)marking

High accuracy

Labour saving

More safety

Cost saving

Robot Plotter

Autonomous premarking with high accuracy

The Robot Plotter is a compact autonomous robot for marking lines on a road paving quickly and accurately. The marker lines that are applied to the surface of the asphalt are indicated by digital drawings provided to the Robot Plotter.

Advanced control

The Robot Plotter uses RTK-GNSS and local sensors for control. Instead of using RTK-GNSS, the Robot Plotter can also be controlled by a Total Station. The marker lines are mostly used to indicate where to put the new asphalt lanes and where to apply the road marking.

Labor- and cost saving

The use of the Robot Plotter provides enormous labor savings. Using the Robot Plotter takes 12 to 16 times less time than traditional marking with a 3 or 4-man crew. This labor saving results in a considerable saving of costs.

More Safety

In addition to this cost saving, safety is one of the major advantages of working with the Robot Plotter. For example, the person who works with the machine can walk outside the working area (with a lot of work traffic), at a safe distance from all possible dangers.

Other advantages

The Robot Plotter is easy to transport: it fits in the trunk of a standard car. Drawings with the marker lines can be transferred to the Robot Plotter easily via a web application (Tyker Civil) or via an USB stick. With Tyker Civil, it is also easy to check whether the lines to be marked are correct, so errors can be prevented. Tyker Civil can also be used to see where the Robot Plotter is located (in real time) and how the Robot Plotter’s work has progressed.

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