Robotics, localisation and control for mobile off-highway machines

Tyker delivers technology for mobile off-highway machines that increase work pleasure and reduce workload. Therefore Tyker automates work processes with robotics, localisation and control. The R&D projects include concept development, modelling, simulation, sensor fusion, motion planning, control, hardware development and software development.

Field navigation

The control system was developed for PhD research at Wageningen University into weed control with an autonomous robot. Based on known locations of crop rows, this control navigates a robot platform autonomously over a plot. The control is further expanded with route planning based on the A-B line of sowing with RTK-DGPS.

The video shows how this works.

Hubrina project

HUBRINA means HUman-roBot co-working IN Master-slave farming systems. In this project Tyker, Wageningen University Farm Technology Group and Wageningen University & Research Center Applied Plant Research cooperate to develop master-slave robot control for agricultural operations and to demonstrate its feasibility. The final objective of this project is to demonstrate that a human-driven master tractor and an autonomous slave tractor can together perform a task like stubble cultivation. This research is supported by the EU funded ECHORD (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development) and by tractor manufacturer CLAAS.

This video shows a simulation of the two tractors of the master-slave system. The master  tractor follows the master path and the slave follows the slave path while controlling its distance to the master.


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