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High accuracy

Labour saving

3D-model assessment

Asphalt saving

Road Profiler


With the Road Profiler, the time-consuming task of spraying numbers on the asphalt indicating the milling depth, is a thing of the past. By means of 3D-milling the user can easily load a drawing, and the milling numbers appear on the Road Profiler screen. The Road Profiler determines the position of the machine with the highly accurate RTK-GNSS. Because the Road Profiler is connected to the asphalt cutter, it continuously controls the milling depth. The milling depth no longer needs to be set manually. The result: milling work of extraordinary high quality.

High accuracy

With the Road Profiler, problems caused by illegible numbers are prevented. The possibility that figures are put in the wrong position on the asphalt is a thing of the past. The calculated position of the figures is related to the location and width of the machine.

Labour- and asphaltsaving

Plotting figures near traffic, or in a work area with passing work traffic, is no longer necessary and improves safety. In addition, the Road Profiler saves costs on the deployment of personnel (labor), on road barriers and on asphalt.

3D-model assessment

The Road Profiler is easily deployable. The digital models can simply be uploaded and checked with a web application (Tyker Civil). This ensures that the Road Profiler has the correct data. New digital models can also be prepared remotely and downloaded directly to the Road Profiler.

Easy to transport

The Road Profiler is easy to carry (in a suitcase). It can be mounted on an asphalt milling machine and be connected within a few minutes.

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