29 May

Freesmij mills 75.000 m² with the Road Profiler at Schiphol Airport

May 29, 2015

Last Tuesday May 26, Freesmij started the milling job for the maintenance work on the Zwanenburgbaan at Schiphol. The runway will be completely taken out of service during the maintenance work. During this 4 day job Freesmij used the Road Profiler to mill more then 75.000 m² antiskid and squares. By making use of the Road Profiler, Freesmij is able to accurately and easily mill the correct profile in the road without setting out milling numbers.

The client was very satisfied with the result that was realized thanks to the efforts of the Freesmij staff and the Road Profiler!

Road Profiler Freesmij Schiphol

What is the Road Profiler?