Publication Robot Plotter on website RPS


March 24, 2020

Publication Robot Plotter on website RPS


Today this beautiful publication about the Robot Plotter was published on the RPS website:


Robots for premarking roadmarkings

Fast, safe and effective on the A15 at Ridderkerk

The emergence of robotization is not unaffected within the construction world. Working with the Robot Plotters is an example of this with the surveyors of RPS. They drive across the country with these applications for faster, more efficient and safer stakeout of road markings and steering lines. Recently it was the turn of the A15 at Ridderkerk.

At the end of 2019, colleagues Rijk Wandel, David Cuel and Marco Jacobs were at the forefront of work on the A15 at Ridderkerk. With two Robot Plotters they plot the road markings and steering lines on the flyover. Watch the video here for an impression of this project.


The Robot Plotter is a compact, autonomous device that quickly and accurately sets welding and / or steering lines on asphalt. These lines are sprayed on the road to indicate where the weld will be and how the machine should steer. The marking is then laid out on the new asphalt. The advanced control of the Robot Plotter uses a digital drawing with the necessary lines and is controlled by GPS or a Total Station. “By using this device, we not only save on man-hours, we are also more flexible and faster to use,” says Rijk Wandel, project manager Surveying at RPS, off the A15 at Ridderkerk.

Saving time

In a few hours, this innovative device performs what usually takes a day of work manually. In addition, the compact size ensures that you can easily take the device with you wherever you go. “The Robot Plotter is very user-friendly. You can walk away with it ”, says Rijk from first experience. Another additional advantage is the different settings, such as: spray length, spray interval, speed or line offset. “This allows us to meet project-specific wishes or requirements,” he continues.
Production can be easily monitored with the laptop, so that there is no longer any discussion about the meters that have been turned off. The use of flashes also makes the robot highly visible at night.

Road construction projects

Since 2017, RPS has been one of the first parties to work in the Netherlands with robotisation for road construction projects. The Tiny robot, which was purchased at the time, has long proven its service to this end. Now it is the turn of two Robot Plotters from the Dutch manufacturer Tyker, founded in 2008 as a spin-off from Wageningen University.
Customers are seeing more and more applications and the demand for commitment is therefore increasing. “The work is getting bigger and bigger. We are increasingly dealing with longer and larger work surfaces. Then expansion of your equipment is simply required ”, says Rijk.

Rail Dimensions

In addition to road construction, various clients have already inquired about other application options for the device. For example, the Robot Plotter can be of added value in track sizing. Consider, for example, setting out the sleepers. The device can also be used for ground level and height measurements, for cutting transverse profiles and for marking lamps at airports.






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