Cooperation Tyker and Proximark / T1 Groupe Helios (Fra)


July 10, 2020

Cooperation Tyker and Proximark / T1 Groupe Helios (Fra)


Since July 1, 2020, Tyker and Proximark / T1 Groupe Helios have agreed a partnership. Proximark is the company in France that owns a Robot Plotter and has been working with it to full satisfaction for more than six months.

Companies in France, who are interested in a Robot Plotter, can get a demo and explanation through Proximark / T1 Groupe Helios, at any desired location and in French, by an experienced user. We can’t make it easier. This is the great strength of our cooperation!

Knowing more? Do not hesitate to contact us.


Earlier this week, Proximark posted the following post on LinkedIn (with accompanying video) to announce our collaboration in France:



Source: Proximark Groupe Helios (Fra)




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