Road Profiler


With the Road Profiler,  staking out numbers indicating the layer thickness to be milled is something of former times. The user can easily load a drawing into the Road Profiler and  the numbers to be milled appear on the screen of the Road Profiler. The Road Profiler determines the position of the machine with RTK-DGPS. The Road Profiler controls the milling depth continually via a connection with the asphalt milling machine. Because of this you do not have to adapt the milling depth manually any more. The result is that the new profile can be milled with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Using the Road Profiler means there are no problems any more with unreadable numbers on the pavement/road. Moreover, the problem of numbers being placed in the wrong position, is something from the past.

Staking out in the midst of traffic, or at a work section with passing site traffic, is no longer necessary. This improves the safety of the surveyor. In addition, the Road Profiler saves on costs for deploying surveyors, on closing-off barriers and on asphalt.



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